About Us

The photographer – Chantal Porter

Living in different cities internationally all my life I have come to realise that we forget our past without even realising it. Photographs remind us of where we have been and what we have done. Each moment in life is precious and none of us know if it will be our last or our first. An original photograph cannot lie. Unlike our memory, a photograph captures the moment as it was, our memories are the ones to distort the past and forget the real story.

One of my favourite things in life is black and white photography. Sometimes colour influences our eyes to focus on too many things at once and the important story is lost. In black and white photography the eye has the opportunity to explore textures, light and detail that is often lost in any colour photograph. In black and white photographs you are aware that time has stopped and you are in a position to explore everything the photograph has to offer. You can feel with your eyes. Even if you have seen the same black and white photograph repeatedly you will always find something to idle on or something new to peak your fascination or draw your attention. Often colour just deceives what is really there.

Recently married, I know the importance of “your special day”. The happiness of two people on their special day is something that has to be captured and never forgotten. I believe that the most important thing in life is family. Creating your own family or being part of one defines you as a person. A person’s role in a family will continue to change as time moves on. The best way to remember your journey is to photograph the changes of a family along the way.

Sometimes photographs are all we have to remember those special moments, or sometimes just to remind us of them. To capture life in that instant is what I, as a photographer set out to achieve. The point is to feel the same emotion in that snap shot of time when you are exposed to it.

Capturing the moments to remember!