Orca Design - Interior Design

The management of interior design projects is a critical process that is often not carried out correctly from the start. Problems arise on site that could affect the building internal structure and could be avoided or dealt with from the conception of the project. Continuous management of a project allows a designer to ensure the design intent is applied as specified, and insures that what is specified on paper is replicated in space. Once the internal spaces have been completed with finishes the installation of the furniture and decoration are the final processes carried out that make the spaces come together and qualify them as habitable and available for occupation.

The Snagging process forms part of managing an interior design project. All faults and uncompleted items are recorded and contractors or suppliers involved are instructed to correct these items in order for a project to be completed. Snagging is often neglected and can result in internal building structural failures, incorrect usage of spaces and spaces that become non functional. Completing a building to perfection is the aim but there are always unexpected or unforeseen challenges to overcome. The process of snagging, if carried out correctly, will result in safe and habitable internal spaces that can be maintained from date of occupation.

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