Orca Design - Interior Design

The design and construction of internal spaces of a building. Through the use and specification of materials and finishes applied to the elements of a space, interior spaces are designed and created. Structural and functional elements of a building such as staircases, windows, corridors and hallways can all be designed to become part of the internal features of a building. These elements are often focal points in internal spaces and link internal and external architecture together.

Designing interior spaces begins with a brief, expectations and requirements the inhabitant of the space foresees in order for the space to be functional. Design intent is presented to the client through mood boards and layout drawings, allowing the client to visually see and understand the colours, finishes and textures the designed space will have to offer.

Internal spaces need to be stylish and functional in order to be useable and successful. Once a space has a function it requires harmony and balance to be comfortable. These two characteristics, harmony and balance, can be obtained through implementing the correct textures, colours, details, light, lines and shapes into a space. A designed composition of all these elements will result in aesthetically pleasing interior designed spaces with a function. All furniture and decorative items introduced into the space should be done in such a way to obtain balance and harmony without clutter and dysfunction.

Shaping space around you!