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Interior Designer – Chantal Porter

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Melbourne, Australia, after matriculating from St Mary’s DSG in Pretoria, South Africa. I completed a Design course that focused on photography, product design and graphic design. I then continued onto my Bachelors of Interior Design at R.M.I.T. University and transferred to Pretoria University to complete my third and fourth year (honours) and graduate.

The spaces we surround ourselves, influence the way we work and live. My aim is to create and design functional spaces to a client’s expectations and requirements. I am experienced in designing corporate, retail, hospitality and domestic internal spaces.

ORCA Interior Design offers:

  • Interior Architecture
  • Project Management
  • Space Planning

Interior spaces are designed within a budget and programme specified by the client or end user. Some buildings are designed from the outside in and others, inside out. There are factors that influence the design of buildings, externally and internally that include; location, style, surrounding environment, limitations, expectations and the overall end use or function.

Buildings exist in every city across the world that have been abandoned and left vacant after years of usage and neglect. The maintenance of a building internally and externally is important to ensure its survival and functionality. Often buildings are neglected to such an extent that it is not financially viable to keep them in use but easier to strip the building to foundation and begin again on a clean slate. It is therefore important to design with the intention that the space will always be in use and have a function.

Shaping space around you!